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• 3/8/2015

Taming Xenos

I am new to the game.  So far I made a makeshift "base" using the remains of the ship and plugging the remaining holes with Crash Foam.  I just made a Centriforge but don't know what to do next.  Any suggestions?

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• 9/13/2014

Now have a total of 16 Singlex Processing Cores and 12 Admentiums, making a grand total of 136 PP!  Also replaced my single O24u Tank with two Bigboys and my ExtreMax Multibattery for two Celrite+'s.  And I scrapped my two Class A Solar Arrays for a singular Atmosphere Direct.  And I also scrapped my DataEnergy Relay 5x and replaced it with a shiny new MultiMode Repeater.  Phew!  But with all the improvements my Iron supply has run dry.  And since Iron has a nasty habit of hiding from me, I'm kinda stuck.

• 9/22/2014

Deciding to mine a staircase down to bedrock I had a near-fatal accident with a massive cavern I fell through the ceiling of.  After making a rudimentary staircase up to my entry point I took a look around.  Got tons of Gold, Titanium, Diamonds, and Endurium of both grades.  Returned to the data/crafting cave and made the Gravity Boots.  Then spent nearly two hours relocating everything to the Xenomorph Tower and used the new Grav Boots to put my Centriforge, Singlex Processing Cores, and Admentiums on the ceiling of the topmost room.  Found a spare Admentium in my inventory and made two more Singlex Processing Cores.  And I ran out of Silicon. What a day!

• 9/25/2014

Made three more Singlex Processing Cores and transferred my Atmosphere Direct to the roof of the Xenomorph Tower.  Also got tons more Diamonds, some Titanium, Aluminum, Silicon, and a small amount of Copper and Endurium of both grades.  Then ran out of Silicon for the third time.  >:l  Also I took a leap of faith and started some basic coding with the Bot.

• 12/30/2014

Restocked my Silicon supply and made two more Singlex Processing Cores.  Then ran out of Silicon for the fourth time.

• 1/2/2015

Today was quite eventful, to say the least.  I restocked my Silicon and made another Singlex Processing Core.  I then started some aesthetic improvements to the Xenomorph Tower using blocks that looked evil/Xenomorphy.  I fell four stories and nearly died from radiation seeping through my damaged Hazard armor.  Had to wait out the day in the top room because I was out of Regolith to make Ceramic for a Nanotech Med and Rad.  Restocked my Silicon and Ice again.  Transferred my entire inventory to my Stacked Storage just in case.  Man, am I glad I did!  Was in the middle of restocking my Regolith supply when my Radiation jumped up to max.  I died for the first time on the way up the Tower.  I managed to gather everything I lost except for my Gravity Boots and my Prospector MK II.  Remade the Grav Boots and am currently struggling to recover.

• 1/12/2015

Found the old pair of Gravity Boots after I restarted.  I discarded the new ones and looked for the Prospector MK II I lost to no avail.  Checked the enormous cavern for Iron but came out with one piece.  The Dark Basalt everywhere makes getting lost or going in circles really easy.

• 4/24/2015

Updated the game and found that a useful bug that repairs you armor completely upon restart had been patched.  Dang it.  Remade the Hazard Boots and restocked my silicon supply again.  Running low on low grade materials especially Iron but am up to my ears in Diamonds and Endurium of both grades.  Trying to think of a strategy to find large amounts of Iron fast as Iron is the hardest mineral for me to find.  Now you're probably laughing at me.

• 5/26/2015

Placed some Crash Foam around the bottomost Gravity Platform so I don't risk dying every time I go down.  Got more Silicon, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium, Diamonds, and low-grade Endurium in the massive cavern under my old base.  Almost died from the Endurium and waited out the day in what used to be my old base.  Also found Iron!  Finally!  Remade the rest of the Hazard set but damaged it immediately afterward by missing the Crash Foam.  I shut down the system without saving.  Luckily I saved it immediately before remaking the Hazard set.

• 5/28/2015

I remade the Hazard set again and used it to follow the immensely lengthy trail of Cyan Lights I created back in October.  Literally the trail passes through at least four biomes including desert, floating islands, cliffs, and a canyon.  The trail is so long it usually takes 30 minutes to complete a 1-way trip.  Upon reaching the cliffs I turned around and headed for home.  On my way back I spotted an opening in the base of another cliff biome my trail skirts the border of.  I took a peek inside and found a piece of Iron and the second largest vein of Silicon I ever found.  I left the Silicon as I have near three stacks already.  Made a Rad upon returning home and exhausted my Regolith supply.  Dang it!  I hate mining the stuff.

• 12/17/2015

The last few days were eventful but largely unproductive.  After stealing some bot programs from the Gristmill forums I tested one on the neighboring crater.  All it ended up doing was bury my inventory under stacks of Regolith and Basalt before the bot started wandering about.  After retrying twice at lower levels I gave up and coded in a four program sequence for mass strip mining.  After initiating the first program I got an error message that the program exceeded 200,000 characters.  I'm hunting around the forums for any sign of where the error in my script is.

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