There are many biomes to explore on Xenos, though no matter how they look, The Player must be wary of the nests found in them.


The Crash site in which the player starts is generally in a large crater.

Basalt, Regolith (red, yellow, and surface), and ice will be relatively abundant in craters, while Granite, Copper, Aluminum, and Silicon can be found either on the surface or in caves lining the crater.

In the caves around craters, large Venator nests can be found, so take caution and listen while mining. The Venators in this biome will generally be blue.

Usually in a crater nearby will be the Xenomorph Tower .


These deserts are made up from a large abundance of yellow Regolith, though there are also plateaus made from red and brown Sandstone.

As stated yellow Regolith is highly abundant here, as well as Basalt. Granite, Copper, Aluminium, Silicon, and Iron are generally found within the caves close to the surface.

The large nests within this biome will spawn Venators of a yellow color.

Best for people who want large open flat areas to build.

Red MesasEdit

The Red Mesa biome consists of large Mesas made from red Sandstone, aswell as the striped varient.

Although red Sandstone is the most abundant resource to be found here, yellow Sandstone can also be found in the lower Mesas. Both red and yellow Regolith types can be found in abundace. Granite, Copper, Aluminium, Silicon, Iron, and sometimes Gold can be found lying in the caves under the Mesas.

Dark red Venators will spawn from the large nests within the caves.

Best for people who like to build high up or have a ready made base from hollowing a Mesa.

Floating IslandsEdit

Like the name suggests these islands are floating above the surface, leaving a huge hole underneath, sometimes filled with ice or lead to underground caverns with easy access ores. They can found in Waste-land biomes.

Brown Sandstone seems to be more common here than the other biomes. Also obtainable is normal Sandstone and their striped variants, as well as sand. Silicon, Iron, Gold, Titanium, and Low-Endurium are commonly found on the edges of these islands.

Nests on the islands will spawn Venators that are black.

A large stairway is needed to reach these islands, though it is recommended to use a suit with an Oxygen thruster .

( best is the Hazard set found under suits, due to the amounts of radiation that you'll encounter.)

Best place to get the higher end resources usually found deep underground.


Wastelands are the desert type biomes that surround the Floating Islands. This biome is the source of normal sand and Sandstone.

All the ores can be located in the holes left by the islands.

Black Venators will spawn from nests in these areas.