400px-Bot Backward

The Bot

The Bot is a tool in Xenominer that is quite out of the ordinary. It is an alien robot that can be commanded to do your bidding on Xenos .
Bot Inerface

The Interface of the bot programer

The bot comes issued with two simple commands "Tunnel" and "Tower". You can find hours of entertainment (or frustration) trying to work out the alien symbols and putting them into commands. In theory the Bot can do anything you can do, but you might end up with a headache trying to work out the codes for them. The bot can mine any material than the player will ever be able to mine, even if the player doesnt have the pick to allow them to do so yet.

The translation of the symbols can be found below:

700px-Bot Symbol Translation

Translation of alien symbols on bot interface.

This part of the game is easier to understand if you have played light-bot

One method of learning how to program is to open the existing programs using the "Y" button when they are highlighted, this lets you know what is in the "Tower" and "Tunnel" programs.

3rd line is saved brick types in this program, each one will only be one brick type per program, even in the macros.

The far right icons are each a saved macro for this program.

Tutorials for programming the bot can be found here.