Endurium is a highly radioactive but highly useful metal.

It is unknown how humanity first discovered Endurium, but many Earth corporations funded huge mining expeditions to planets, moons, or asteroids where Endurium was suspected to be present. This may explain The Player's presence on Xenos .

Endurium is used in highly advanced technology. Gravity Boots, for example.

Energy Edit

Since solar panels are powered by radiation from the sun, you can boost their speed by putting a block of Endurium in a small room than surround the Endurum with solar panels right next to it. if you have high grade Endurium, it will make more energy due to more radiation. This works because of the fact that solar panels use radiation.

Mining Edit

Endurium is rarer than even diamonds. The best place to look is deep underground in large cave systems. Endurium comes in low and high-grade variants. The Player will need a Littleman 7 P.I.C.K. or higher in order to mine light Endurium, but heavier variants require heavier P.I.C.K. models in order to mine it. The Player can also use the Bot  to get it earlier. Then, it is possible to muster 70+ core power.

Like most metals, Endurium must be smelted into bars using the Centriforge .

1 Endurium bar - low ore is crafted by 16 low ore.

1 Endurium bar - high ore requires just one high ore.

WARNING!!! Endurium has a lot of radiation so if you want to get it, bring a few Nanotech Rads or a suit better than the starter one.

High Endurium Ore

High Ore

Xenomorphs and EnduriumEdit

When Endurium is first found, DAI-SE  will note its rarity and importance.

DAI-SE links this with the Xenomorph 's former presence on Xenos.