The following lists the hostile lifeforms that can be found on Xenos.


Venators were first added in version 2.0, becoming the first lifeform implemented.

Venators, Reptilian creatures found living on the moon Xenos. They are quite hostile and very territorial.Reports show that Venators are deadly to anyone who is caught unprepared. They can run as fast as the player, and have be known to hunt in packs of up to 5 Venators. They are able to climb up one meter ledges, and do to the low gravity, they can jump three meters high.

Venators attack with a lunging sweep of their claws, emmiting a shreeching sound as they do. A single Venator can kill someone unprepared in 14 swipes.

Venators are covered in a shell plate, which protects them from the radiation and possibly eachother. Surprisingly though, they are susceptable to energy based attacks. [This could be a reason for their large populations after the Xenomorphs dissapeared.] It takes 6 shots from the F13J Assault Rifle or 5 shots from the SRS Service Pistol to kill a Venator. Later examination revealed that the shell plate is also a camouflage for Venators, dissproving that there were multiple species. Here is a list of known variances of camouflage:

  • Grey-Blue: These Venators are found in the caves lining the many Craterscapes.
  • Gold: These Venators are found in the sun scorched deserts.
  • Brick: These Venators are found at the Red Cliffs
  • Black, the hardest to find, are found in the wastes near the Endurium Island. [ Yet somehow, they are also found in the Islands themselves.]

In the many caverns or deep underground, Venator nests can be found. These nests can be large and tend to have packs of Venators inside. It is possible to steal the eggs inside, though the eggs have short incubation times and can spawn more Venators in a moment. The wise stear clear off nest, marking the for others.

"Stories are told of an unlucky miner who had come acrossed not just a Venator nest in the deeps of Xenos, but a Hive. It is said that they consist of a dozen or more nests, each with the Venators who live within. Many people say they are just tales, but for me it was like fighting out of H***....." -Sivarous.Edit


Venators are not affect by Gravity lifts.

The flashlight messes with the color of the Venator.

Venators do not have pathfinding.