Gravity Boots

Gravity Boots

Gravity boots can be used to mine areas normally hard to reach without much effort. To use its special abilities, select the boots and use the D-Pad to change gravity. Have fun with your friends walking on walls and ceilings!
Damage Resistance: 10%
Radiation Resistance: 10

Other Notes Edit

  • There is a bug when using these which if you shift gravity it will mess up the direction on your minimap. To fix this you will have to restart your save.
  • If you shift gravity towards the sky, you will fly straight towards the sky. Once you hit max height, you will shoot back down.


To make gravity boots, at least 1 processing power is needed.

Also needed is 4 Silicon, 4 Titanium, 2 Diamond, 1 C3PU, 2 78003c capacitor, and 3 Endurium bars