Mining is probably the most important aspect of Xenominer. Using your "trusty" plasma P.I.C.K. you can extract precious (or not so precious) resources from the earth.


You can mine all kinds of resources in Xenominer. For specific details on what each P.I.C.K. can handle, see this page. Currently the Bot can mine any resource, so it is worth using it to extract the more dense materials.



There are many different mining techniques in Xenominer. Below are a few. Feel free to add your own.

Strip: Go to a level where you expect your desired resource to be found. (E.g. Bedrock for Endurium .) Then dig in a straight line until you find resources, changing direction periodically. Note that some resources are concealed beside reserves of other resources, you might find Aluminum buried beside Silicon for example .

Crater: Dig a large basic hole in the ground leaving a staircase up to the surface its a easy way to get large amounts of materials but can and is sure to be time consuming. (10x10 took me a total of 3 ingame days) This may be easier to do by using The Bot.