Shelter is one of the most important requirements in Xenominer. You will need it to survive the deadly Solar Radiation that bombards Xenos during the day . Retreat to one whenever the night fades to avoid the sun's deadly rays. It should be where all tools are stashed and where The Player can center their missions.

While it is daytime, stay in shelter and mine until the sun goes back down again.


Shelter in Xenominer can be anything from a small dirt hole in the ground, to a gigantic skyscraper The Player built.

The Player can try patching up the ship debris or roof the impact crater. They might also try using the Xenomorph tower as cover. Or use imagination and build something even more spectacular.


  • The Player may want to make their building defensible. (Cover, chokepoints, and high ground.) There is no reason for it yet, but Xenominer is still very early in development. If future updates bring hostiles, it would help to be prepared.