A solar array is a means of gathering power, and is a fancy name for a collection of solar pannels. you start out with 2 Class A Solar Arrays at the begining of the game.

Class A Solar ArrayEdit

Cost: 2 Silicon, 2 Aluminum bars , and 2 PPUs.

Range: 15 Meters

Efficiency: 0.75

Description: EasyMiner's simple solar panel array for conversion into energy. The good news is you didnt pay a lot for it when you replace it with something better.

Atmosphere DirectEdit

Cost: 4 Silicon, 4 Steel bars , 2 C3PUs, and 2 78003c Capacitors

Range: 30 Meters

Efficiency: 0.8s

Description: Omega Consumer Products figured out a way to harvest not just visible light, but all wave lengths of the eletromagnetic spectrum. While visible light works the best, it makes up only a small part of the spectrum. This Design makes this array extremely efficient.

ZOMG ConverterEdit

Cost: 1 Diamond, 6 Silicon, 4 Titanium bars , 2 GHOSTCores, 1 Max Cap, and 2 X4 Boards

Range: 60 Meters

Efficiency: 0.9

Description: Greyber Electrics develeoped a dual layered panel, packing more cells into the industry standard size frame. A good balance of cost and quality.