The game begins as The Player regains consciousness in a large crater left by the crashed spaceship. The spaceship and crater is actually quite small considering the ship had a captain acompanied by a crew. It is likely the case that The Player entered an escape pod and crashed inside that rather than the main ship. DAI-SE informs The Player that they are suffering from amnesia, and DAI-SE had damage inflicted upon its memory core in the crash. This means that there is no record of how The Player crashed, or where The Player was headed before the crash. Though DAI-SE will later note the rarity and importance of Endurium, perhaps a bigger corporation sent The Player to collect some.

Practical uses for the crashsite are quite limited. The crash foam that is present in the crater is useful for landing safely from tall structures. The Player can patch up the walls of your ship to make a makeshift shelter, but should dig down to create more room; it is quite cramped in that ship. The Player may also dismantle the ship to make a brand new shelter, and could also use the crater as horizontal cover from the sun. However, The Player must be aware that extremely hazardous radiation comes from above.  


  • If the crater was modified before the 1.1 update there will be no ship debris.  Crash Foam and a basic Solar Array will still be present. Start a new game if one wants the few extra materials the drop pod provides.