If you are looking for tutorials for Bot programs, you can find them here.

One easy program with macro is the 3 high room or tunnel.

Macro ex: L ,R, W

W - (Dig) (Forward), (Move) (Forward), (Dig) (Up), (Dig) (Down)

R - (TurnRight) (Dig) (forward), (Move) (Forward), (Dig) (Up), (Dig) (Down) (TurnRight)

L - (TurnLeft) (Dig) (forward), (Move) (Forward), (Dig) (Up), (Dig) (Down) (TurnLeft)

(L and R for the U-turn macro in each direction)

The final code would be:


Resulting in a 5x5x3 room.

The length of the program is pretty huge so play around with it, imagine a program that replaces all of the bricks with a road pattern of specific bricks. Or a program that builds a house fully.

Strip mine to bedrock bot code

This code will result in a 10x10 giant hole in the ground all the way to bedrock. best put it on a mountain away from your usual walking area. you do not want to fall down this hole.

In macro A (macA): dig up, dig down, dig forward, move forward

Macro B (macB):  (macA) x 9, turn right, dig up, dig down, dig forward move forward, dig up, dig down, turn right, (mac A) x 9, turn left, dig up, dig down, dig forward, move forward dig up dig down, turn left

Macro C (mac C): move down, dig down, move down, turn left, dig down, move down, dig forward, move forward

The final pattern is: (mac B) x 5, (mac C) x 1, (mac B) x 5, (mac C) x1

Repeat as many times as neccecary to get to bedrock.