The Xenomorphs are mysterious alien creatures who came to Xenos apparently in search of Endurium. Not much is known about these enigmatic E.T.s. No living examples are currently present on the moon but they left behind a large alien tower and an alien mining Bot.

Diplomatic Standing With HumanityEdit

Humanity's diplomatic standing with the Xenomorphs is unknown. A mining expedition (which The Player is a part of) has been sent from humanity to a moon which is assumed to belong to Xenomorphs, so at least non-hostile relations are assumed. Or perhaps they are hostile and the expedition had to exercise caution.

There is a possibility that they in fact are responsible for the crash on Xenos, but this is purely speculation.

Presence on XenosEdit

The Xenomorphs are assumed to own Xenos due to their closely related names. They have a single tower set up currently that you can find.

They are nowhere to be found, however. There is a single Bot which is the only occupant of the tower, but that is all worth mentioning.


No clues are left as to how the Xenomorphs disappeared. Perhaps they were attacked, or disappeared of their own accord.


  • Xenomorphs are probably unlike the ones from the movie Aliens as in Xenominer they are described as sentient and highly advanced.