Xenos is a strange moon in an unknown solar system that orbits a nearby gas giant. Your ship has crashed into this moon. During the day, radiation from the sun remains unfiltered, making going outside during the day an idea that can prove fatal. You cannot breathe on Xenos without the assistance of breathing apparatus due to its lack of atmosphere.


The moon's surface is covered mostly by regolith and ice . You may use the ice to replenish your oxygen supply. You can also use the small reserves of ice in the regolith to fill up your oxygen tank. The surface of the moon is very varied. There are mountains, barren forests, plains and floating islands of rock all over the moon, each beautifully illuminated by different coloured crystals .

Atmosphere and gravityEdit

Xenos lacks an atmosphere, meaning there is no oxygen and nothing to filter the deadly solar radiation . A pressure suit is required to travel on the moon and during the day the moon is bathed in lethal radiation. The gravity of Xenos is quite similar to earth's and only slightly lower, this hints to Xenos having an earth-like size. You can defy gravity with Gravity Boots .


The surface of Xenos may look pretty, but it is under the ground where you will find your salvation. Not only will you find many precious minerals you require to progress, but also shelter from the deadly solar radiation during the day. Underneath Xenos you will find valuable reserves of ironcopper , alluminum , basalt , endurium , titanium , crystals , diamonds, gold , silicon and a few reserves of buried ice .

After a while of digging, you will also discover a deep system of underground caves. You will require the help of an alien robot to dig through the more dense materials until you get a green pick or higher.

The CrashEdit

It is currently unknown if you and your crew were going to the moon intentionally or if you crashed there while heading to another location. However, you were obviously out on a mining trip and there is plenty here to mine. Learn more about the crash here .

The XenomorphsEdit

After you climb from the crater of your crashed ship, you will find an abandoned tower . Abandoned, that is, except from a small mining robot . DAI-SE tells you that this robot is of Xenomorph origin. DAI-SE says that it does not know what the Xenomorphs wanted with the moon, or if they are still here, but the robot and shelter they left you are definitely great advantages for you.


  • The moon is called Xenos, hinting to original ownership by the Xenomorphs .